Traffic-free streets

The street is a public space, not just for traffic and parking.

The more traffic and parking, the less liveable our towns and neighbourhoods are. Recent research shows that friendships on busy traffic streets are a quarter of quiet streets.

Streets Alive promotes events which give people a chance to enjoy their street, with various social and creative activities.

City Centre Lounge

Wacky Bike Trials

Street events can be used to trial permanent road closures, road safety and other traffic measures.

New raisable bollards installed
as a result of our events

Participatory art project

Street events can also be used to promote non-car healthier travel options.

Residential streets

Some residents hold street parties to highlight the problems of traffic and parking in their street. Some think about taking action about it having enjoyed their street without traffic for a day.


Streets Alive

We are part of the national movement promoting greener travel and:

  • Traffic calming
  • 20mph residential zones and home zones
  • Street trees and furniture
  • Residents Parking Permit Schemes

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