Community street events

Community events, festivals, fairs, carnivals etc. bring people together.

There are good reasons to hold them in a traffic-free street:

  • Streets are open and 'owned' by everyone and so very accessible
  • Communities normally suffering from traffic can be opened up
  • Neighbourhood shopping centres can be revitalised by a traffic-free event - they are a boost for business and new markets
  • Young people especially enjoy the freedom of a traffic-free day

Once the traffic is cleared the space opens new possibilities for community activities, particularly in areas needing regeneration - their image can be improved. Communities of different ethnic origins sometimes use streets in different ways, drawing on their own culture.

How to organise a community street event (Contact us for advice).

Below are some examples of community events which Streets Alive has organised or supported.

Streets Alive supports the development of new street markets of local traders. These revitalise the neighbourhood and support the local economy.

Street Lounge

Dancing in the street instead of traffic at a new annual community street festival managed by 2 pubs

Promoting safer journeys to school outside a primary school

An arts open day with a street show on travel themes called Bottom Gear

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