Children, young people and streets

Children especially lose out from the dominance of traffic in streets.

In addition to the risks while walking or travelling, they can be 'imprisoned' inside
or behind fences. Children now even have to be taught how to walk safely in 'Kerbcraft' sessions.

Streets Alive uses events to allow children to experience streets as safe public
places. Their parents may realise what they are missing out on and may change there attitudes to driving and car use.

Town centre street play

Children's lounge

Chance to roam

Egg & spoon race

For further information on children and streets:

Play England -
In London the Street Play project of London Play.

Young people and streets

Older children and young adults often use the street more than anyone else as
they have few places to go - they hang around the streets.

Street events give them a chance to use street in a more positive and visible
way with all other generations.

Streets Alive works with community organisations to create positive attitudes
to young people and giving them a chance to use the street. Contact us about this.



Street football


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